EU Countries Want to Make Heavy Goods Traffic Climate-Neutral

by | 20. Jan 2023 - 12:50 | Politics

Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg and the Netherlands want to switch heavy-duty traffic on European roads to zero-emission powertrains as soon as possible, Bloomberg (paywall) reported Friday. The countries would push for only environmentally friendly trucks to be sold from a set date, similar to the EU’s plan for cars from 2035. The European Commission will propose stricter emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles next month, so it’s an ideal time for more ambitious targets.

Trucks, buses and coaches account for about a quarter of CO2 emissions from road transport in the EU, according to the EU Commission, but the sector is considered much harder to switch to alternative powertrains for weight reasons alone, according to Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, in a study, PwC strategy consultancy Strategy& assumes that in 2030 more than 30 percent of trucks manufactured in Europe will be emission-free, and in 2035 the proportion could rise to 70 percent if the framework conditions are right, i.e. the charging infrastructure for battery drives and hydrogen filling stations are in place.

Photo: iStock/Scharfsinn86

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