Quo Vadis Deep-Sea-Mining?

Quo Vadis Deep-Sea-Mining?

Despite the increasing demand for raw materials, mining in the deep sea remains controversial. What are the arguments in favor, and what are the arguments against? And what is the state of the science?



Fun Fact Friday: How Rare Earths Can Clear Up Labeling Frauds

The application areas of rare earths and technology metals are the focus of reporting at During background research, however, the editorial team also regularly comes across topics that seem rather curious. We do not want to withhold these from you and present them in loose succession. Today it is about molluscs and how their regional origin can be proven. Important here is the rare earth neodymium.


Technology Metals on YouTube

The Exploratorium in San Francisco also makes natural sciences tangible on the Internet. The video platform YouTube plays an important role in this.

YouTube application on Apple iPhone 5S

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