Quo Vadis Deep-Sea-Mining?

Quo Vadis Deep-Sea-Mining?

Despite the increasing demand for raw materials, mining in the deep sea remains controversial. What are the arguments in favor, and what are the arguments against? And what is the state of the science?



Mission: Independence From Imported Raw Materials. Matamulas (Spain)

The dependence on imports of rare earth elements from China will increase further as a result of the planned phase-out of combustion engine technology and the expansion of renewable energies. New raw material deposits are therefore being sought. In this series, presents promising candidates. This time we go to the south, to the Iberian Peninsula.

La Mancha

(Un-)Safety Factor: Taiwan’s Chip Industry

For Taiwan, the production of semiconductor chips is of more than just economic significance. In geopolitical terms too, the branch is important for strengthening the country’s position vis-a-vis China. There is even talk about a silicon shield protecting the island.

chip production

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