Siemens Energy Brings Heart of Hydrogen Production to Berlin

by | 4. Apr 2022 - 15:18 | Market

In 2023, Siemens Energy will start producing electrolyzers for sustainable hydrogen in the capital city.

Siemens Energy plans to produce electrolysis modules in Berlin starting next year. These will be needed to produce green hydrogen, a gas that is generated in a CO₂-neutral manner on the basis of renewable energies and is considered a key element in achieving climate targets. The production site for the electrolyzers will be an existing plant in the Moabit district. A new production area is to be built on 2,000 square meters at a cost of around 30 million euros, according to a statement. Up to now, Siemens Energy has manufactured gas turbines there that could already run on up to 50 percent hydrogen. By 2030, full hydrogen operation should be possible.

Siemens Energy uses the PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolysis process for its systems. In this process, water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen using a proton-permeable membrane and electricity from renewable sources. The precious metals platinum and iridium or ruthenium are required as catalysts. According to the company, the current product line is suitable for applications up into the higher triple-digit megawatt range and can produce several tons of green hydrogen per hour.

With the planned series production, Siemens Energy is helping to make hydrogen competitive more quickly, said President and CEO Christian Bruch. This is because low-cost, high-performance electrolysers are needed to meet the growing demand and future costs of this energy carrier.

As part of its National Hydrogen Strategy (PDF), the German government wants to make Germany the lead market for hydrogen technologies and is promoting corresponding investments. By 2030, the government sees a hydrogen demand of approx. 90 to 110 TWh.

Photo: iStock/JONGHO SHIN

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