Raw Material Supply Chains: VW Presents Transparency Report

by | 2. Jun 2022 - 15:06 | Economy, Market

Automaker reports on progress and challenges in sustainable raw material sourcing.

This week, the Volkswagen Group provided information on its progress towards transparent raw material supply chains. After a Responsible Raw Materials Report was presented for the first time last year, the current report (PDF) now also includes data on conflict materials, which include tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold. Mining often takes place under inhumane working conditions and in some cases serves to finance acts of war. The complete report includes 16 raw materials such as aluminum, rubber, but also rare earths. Volkswagen joined the Initiative for Sustainable Mining (IRMA) in March of this year (we reported) and is pursuing the goal of taking a leading role in the responsible procurement of raw materials in the automotive industry. In the current year, cooperation with suppliers in the battery supply chain is to be intensified in particular, covering the entire value chain.

Photo: iStock/TBE

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