Pandemic Leads to Shareholder Boom in Germany

by | 5. Aug 2021 - 12:33 | Finances

Surveys by Postbank and the direct bank ING-Diba show: Corona is also having an impact on the way Germans invest their money.

The stock market is becoming increasingly interesting for German investors. According to a survey commissioned by Postbank, around eight million Germans have entered the securities business since the outbreak of the pandemic. In view of the price caprices triggered by the economic uncertainties and massive losses on the German DAX share index, for example, this initially appears contradictory. However, the prospect of returns from a rapid recovery in share prices then convinced many investors to invest in equities for the first time or to expand their own portfolios. 49 billion euros were newly invested in shares, according to a survey by ING-Diba, which corresponds to an increase of 160 percent compared to 2019.

According to Postbank, another factor contributing to this development was that the Corona measures restricted the opportunities for consumption. The money saved could then be invested. Although the money is predominantly parked in the current account, the current low-interest environment suggests that Germans will continue to look at other ways to build up wealth, such as real estate or strategic commodities.

Bild: Postbank / Federico Caputo

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