Mahle Opens the Way for the Replacement of the Combustion Engine

by | 6. Jul 2022 - 12:09 | Technologies

Superior Continuous Torque, is the name of a new multi-talent among electric motors that automotive supplier Mahle unveiled this week. The range of applications is to extend from e-scooters to heavy commercial vehicles and industrial applications, the company writes in a press release. This paves the “way for the replacement of the combustion engine in all vehicle classes.” The engine can operate at high power for an unlimited period of time, made possible by the integrated oil cooling system.

Particularly powerful magnets made of the rare earth metal neodymium are used in the unit. They generate the necessary magnetic field in this permanently excited motor. This design allows compact dimensions and wear-free operation, Mahle adds. On request, the motor is also available in a magnet-free version, but this increases the space requirement slightly.

Photo: MAHLE GmbH

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