High-Tech Meets Luxury: Hublot Presents Special Investment in Rare Earths

by | 18. Jan 2023 - 10:35 | Economy

The Swiss watchmaker Hublot has always distinguished itself less by understatement and more by eye-catching creations that combine craftsmanship and innovation and also include the use of new materials. In the case of the new model, the Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Yellow Neon SAXEM, rare earths are what give the case its characteristic color and at the same time robustness. Hublot calls the material SAXEM, which stands for “Sapphire Aluminum oXide and rare Earth Mineral,” an alloy of aluminum oxide and rare earths. Three years of research were necessary to achieve the brilliant hue while guaranteeing resistance, he said. The company was able to build on the experience gained in the development of its green predecessor. The H-shaped screws of the bezel and the crown are also made of a high-tech material, in this case titanium.

Interested watch lovers will have to fork out 220,000 euros for the Big Bang, which is limited to 50 watches; in return, they will receive a raw material investment of a very special kind. The wearer is also guaranteed to attract attention.

Photo : © 2023 Hublot

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