Blockchain: Transparency From Mine to Commodity

by | 24. Jan 2022 - 10:49 | Technologies

Teck Resources launches pilot project to trace germanium from mining to processing.

Blockchain technology is a recurring topic, especially in connection with the generation of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. But the technology for tamper-proof transmission of data can also be used to provide complete proof of the origin and carbon footprint of products.

Canadian company Teck Resources, which claims to be the largest germanium producer in North America, wants to establish this transparency in the technology metals market as well. Teck has now teamed up with DLT Labs, a company specializing in blockchain solutions, for a pilot project. The goal is to seamlessly document the origin of germanium from the mine to further processing, according to a press release.

The data submitted will provide information on environmental, social and governance standards. These ESG (Environmental Social Governance) factors are becoming increasingly important to investors and consumers.

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