Neodymium Takes to the Social Networks

by | 3. Sep 2021 - 13:37 | Market

Global Data has analyzed discussions around electromobility

The move away from the combustion engine in favor of e-cars is also being discussed in social networks. The data analysis and consulting company GlobalData has investigated which areas of electromobility are most frequently discussed. Influencers, i.e. people who have a strong presence or high reputation in these networks and thus strongly influence consumer behavior, very frequently used the terms “mining,” “metals,” “clean technology,” but also “investment” and “climate crisis” during the study period (January to July 2021). When it came to strategic commodities, the talk was mainly of copper, lithium, cobalt and nickel. As a new trend in the discussions, there are mentions of neodymium, aluminum and zinc, writes GlobalData.

Photo: iStock/Chinnapong