Inclusion Through Adaptive Clothing

by | 28. Jul 2022 - 09:03 | Technologies

Clothing with sewn-in magnets offers additional comfort and can make life easier for people with physical limitations.

When people talk about permanent magnets made of rare earths, they are usually referring to electric vehicles or other technical applications. But these powerful components also have other applications: adaptive fashion, for example. Clothing that adapts to the individual needs of the wearer. Because even for people with physical disabilities, clothing is an expression of personality and individuality.

Barriers such as buttons that are too small can cause frustration in everyday life. Manufacturers of adaptive fashion such as Will & Well from Singapore or Yorokani from Vienna therefore use sewn-in magnets made of neodymium instead of classic buttons. They take over the closing function and enable a plus in self-determination and comfort. High-quality magnets and durable fabrics ensure that the textiles can be used for years, company founder Franziska Rauch explained to She wants to establish the magnet clothing for all people, whether with or without handicap. Meanwhile, in addition to young emerging labels, the industry giants also have their own lines dedicated to the topic, such as Tommy Adaptive by Tommy Hilfiger.

Illustration: Magnetic fastening system (Photo: Erich Hussmann/ Yorokani).

But smooth-running fasteners are by no means the end of the story, and there are clothes specially tailored to the needs of wheelchair users: shorter sleeves, for example, prevent them from getting tangled in the spokes of the mobility aid. The market for adaptive fashion will reach a volume of more than $400 billion by 2024, Vogue magazine wrote some time ago, citing figures from market research company Coherent Market Insights. The range of products on offer is therefore likely to become much larger.

Beitragsbild: iStock/Elizaveta Shishlyannikova

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