Gallium and Germanium Exports Rise – Remain Below Last Year’s Level.

by | 20. Dec 2023 - 09:27 | Economy

The export of gallium and germanium from China is slowly recovering. Data from the Chinese customs authorities shows that 1,530 kilograms of gallium and 721 kilograms of germanium were exported in November. This is eleven percent more germanium and even 512 percent more gallium than in October. However, the figures are far from those of last year, when 5,488 kilograms of germanium and 5,611 kilograms of gallium were exported. China announced export restrictions for both technology metals in July, which were implemented in August. The measures were justified concerning national security, as the raw materials are so-called dual-use goods, i.e., goods that can be used for civilian and military purposes. A few weeks after these export restrictions were announced, similar regulations were also announced for the battery material graphite and later also for antimony, silver, and tungsten.

Photo: iStock/Igor Krasilov

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