Deep-Sea Mining: UK Supports Moratorium

by | 1. Nov 2023 - 15:02 | Politics

Effects of deep-sea mining not yet sufficiently researched.

The demand for critical raw materials for the energy transition is increasing. In addition to new mining projects, resource extraction in the deep sea is repeatedly moving up the agenda. However, deep-sea mining is controversial due to its unclear impact on undersea habitats. With the United Kingdom, one of the largest economies worldwide has now announced its support for a moratorium on granting additional licenses for deep-sea mining projects.

However, this is not an explicit rejection, as a network of experts is now to collect scientific data and close the current gaps in knowledge about the environmental impact of deep-sea mining. Germany, France, Switzerland, and Chile also call for a delay until the consequences have been determined more in-depth.

The UK’s announcement came ahead of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) meeting, which runs until November 8.

For an overview of deep-sea mining, see our in-depth article.

Photo: iStock/inusuke

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