NASA and The Ohio State University Develop Highly Heat-Resistant Superalloy

by | 26. Apr 2023 - 13:04 | Technologies

Yttrium oxide makes new alloy suitable for space travel.

A research team from NASA and The Ohio State University has developed a superalloy that can be produced using 3D printing technology. The research results were recently presented in the journal Nature. According to the Glenn Research Center, the leading NASA institute in this research area, the metal compound has the potential to change the aerospace industry. The nickel-cobalt-chromium alloy, GRX-810, is significantly more resistant than previous alloys produced using 3D printing technology. This is due to the rare earth metal yttrium, which is introduced into the alloy as an oxide (Y2O3) during the process.

Components made from GRX-810 will be suitable for use in areas that are exposed to high temperatures, especially in the aerospace and energy sectors, thanks to their properties. Dale Hopkins, deputy director of the NASA project, called it a “major achievement” and said, “In the very near future, it may well be one of the most successful technology patents NASA Glenn has ever produced,” according to a NASA press release.

Photo: iStock/LaserLens

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