Macron: France to become a pioneer in climate-friendly flying

by | 16. Jun 2023 - 15:25 | Politics

The French government wants to invest in sustainable aviation fuels.

France plans to invest 200 million euros in Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). This was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron during his visit today to engine manufacturer Safran in Villafranche, near Paris, as reported by franceinfo and others. In doing so, Macron wants to achieve his goal of making the French the “masters of the ultra-climate-friendly aircraft” [translation].

First and foremost, the amount will be used to financially support the construction of a production facility for SAF in Lacq, in southwestern France. There, the start-up Elyse Energy, wants to build such a plant for one billion euros, together with its partners, amongst them Avril, Axens and Bionext, as L’Usine Nouvelle (Paywall) reports.

There are many efforts worldwide to produce green kerosene and gradually make flying more environmentally friendly. L’Usine Nouvelle even called “green” flying the challenge of the century.

Reuters reports that the aviation industry has set itself the goal of flying emission-free by 2050. Currently, only 0.1 percent of the fuel required for this consists of sustainable kerosene.

Photo: iStock/audioundwerbung

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