Loans and Regulations: France Accelerates Adaptation to Climate Change

by | 8. Feb 2024 - 13:01 | Politics

Warmest January highlights the importance of responding to warmer temperatures.

France will provide a total of two billion euros to help companies adapt to climate change, several newspapers reported unanimously on Thursday. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire announced that the aid can be applied for in the form of loans from March and includes support of up to 200,000 euros, writes Les Echos. One example of the impact on the country’s economy is ski tourism, which is falling victim to the rising temperatures, a financial blow for many municipalities, according to the newspaper Marianne. Last January was the hottest ever recorded, the European Union’s Climate Change Service (C3S) reported Thursday.

However, the loans are only part of France’s measures to combat climate change and adapt to its consequences. Public utilities such as energy companies or the railroad company SNCF are to develop strategies for this by the end of the year, Le Maire continued. In addition, applications for the renovation of buildings would be rejected if they did not consider global warming. It is much cheaper to adapt now than to repair or react tomorrow, said the minister, according to Le Progres.

Photo: dmitrynaumov via Canva

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