Indium Phosphide for Faster Internet

by | 23. Feb 2023 - 14:40 | Technologies

The Japanese telecommunications company NTT has presented a chip prototype that could significantly increase speeds of data centers and underwater fiber optic cables. The semiconductor material is indium phosphide, which is used in lasers, but also LEDs, writes the Reuters news agency. Still many years away from market readiness, the chip could achieve transmission speeds of 2 terabits per second; today, speeds of about 100 gigabits per second are common in fiber-optic communications, NTT said. But even German Internet users can only dream of this at present; the average connection speed in this country is 82.3 megabits, or 0.823 gigabits or 0.000823 terabits, according to Statista.

Photo: iStock/Trifonov_Evgeniy

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