Climate change threatens China’s mining region

by | 15. Jun 2023 - 11:04 | Politics

Neighboring countries want to work together on solution for particularly affected areas.

China and Mongolia plan to jointly tackle the effects of climate change. Advancing desertification and more frequent sand and dust storms in Mongolia and the Inner Mongolia region, which is part of China, are increasingly becoming a burden on the water-scarce area. Together with soil erosion, they were hindering northern China’s economic development, as quoted by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) from Chinese President Xi Jinping. He urges haste in preventive measures, which include reforestation or diverting water from the south. A Chinese scientific team will visit Mongolia before the end of June to study desertification. The plan is then to establish a joint working group and research center, the SCMP added.

Inner Mongolia is of central importance for the extraction of rare earths; the Bayan Obo mine is located here, which is one of the most important deposits of this group of raw materials.

Photo: iStock/SKY2014

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