Chip Association Calls for Dialog Between China and USA

by | 18. Jul 2023 - 09:06 | Economy

Export controls on gallium and germanium from China in response to U.S. sanctions against the Chinese chip industry – the conflict between the major powers has the potential for escalation. The next stage could be the exclusion of Chinese companies from cloud computing services that use advanced artificial intelligence chips (we reported). The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the U.S. trade association for the semiconductor industry, is now calling for moderation on both sides. The U.S. government should refrain from further restrictions until the impact has been assessed together with industry and experts, it said. The industry still needs access to the Chinese market, the largest for conventional semiconductors. Unilateral, ambiguous, and overly broad restrictions could impact supply chains, lead to market uncertainty, and possibly provoke retaliation on the Chinese side, according to the association.

Photo: iStock/12963734

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