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Rawmaterials.net introduces itself

Rawmaterials.net is the first news portal exclusively for strategic metals and rare earths. Strategic raw materials, which include platin group metals and technology metals, as well as rare earths are a much-discussed topic. The global dependence on exporter China has aroused increasing public interest at the latest since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. This is because strategic raw materials play a major role in many social and industrial change processes, such as the expansion of fiber optic networks, the switch to renewable energies or innovations in the field of high-tech applications. So far, however, people interested in the topic had to search most news portals attentively for appropriate contents, information regarding strategic raw materials as tangible asset was hardly discoverable.

Rawmaterials.net offers news, background reports, analyses and interviews on strategic raw materials bundled on one page, up-to-date and accessible. We look at market movements, the growing areas of application for rare earths, technology metals and rare earths, deal with the various possible uses of raw materials in the field of energy transition and explore their suitability as an alternative investment. In addition, we let experts have their say. Furthermore, rawmaterials.net provides interesting basic and historical knowledge on rare earths and strategic metals.