Super-Rich Rely on Alternative Investments

by | 10. Aug 2021 - 11:54 | Finances

Goldman Sachs report shows the investment strategy of family offices.

How do the super-rich invest their money? A report published the investment bank Goldman Sachs provides fascinating insights. So-called family offices were surveyed worldwide. These manage the assets of wealthy families, but also take on tasks such as managing philanthropic activities. According to Goldman Sachs, a conspicuous feature of asset structuring is an above-average commitment to alternative investments. These account for an average of 45 percent of assets. In addition to private equity and real estate, the report also states that investments in commodities are among the most important. The high proportion of alternative investments reflects, among other things, the long-term orientation and high return expectations of clients, Goldman Sachs said. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are currently not yet an issue for the respondents. Against the backdrop of low interest rates and the threat of inflation, family offices are also increasingly focusing on real estate and equities as well as investing in companies.