More Rare Earth Recycling: Mkango UK Commissions Second Pilot Plant

by | 1. Jul 2024 - 11:44 | Economy

Expand processes and increase vertical integration. The aim is to be able to process different waste streams and produce more rare earth products.

Mkango Rare Earths UK, a UK-based recycling company for rare earth magnets, is expanding its production capacities. With financial support from the government, a so-called long-loop pilot plant was put into operation at the company’s Birmingham site. According to the company, which is part of the Canadian mining group Mkango Resources, the plant can chemically process magnetic scrap or swarf into rare earth carbonates and oxides. It is an addition to the short-loop pilot plant, which produces rare earth alloys and magnets and is managed by Mkango’s subsidiary HyProMag. Both processes are based on technology developed at the University of Birmingham, which is one of the project partners. The second plant will increase technical flexibility, explains Nielson Beddoe, Processing Engineering Manager at Mkango UK, allowing different scrap streams to be processed and different rare earth products to be produced.

Mkango plays an important role in the UK’s efforts to become less dependent on raw material imports. HyProMag also markets the recycling technology in Germany and the United States. According to Mkango, commercial production is planned there for 2025 and 2026.

Photo: iStock/xiao zhou

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