Electromobility: USA Aims to Become Market Leader

10. August 2021 | Market

President Biden wants to catch up with China and promote electric mobility made in the USA.

President Joe Biden wants to significantly reduce emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases in the USA. From 2030, half of all newly registered cars are to be electrically powered. This includes hybrid vehicles and those with fuel cells, according to an executive order signed by Biden on Aug. 5. Stricter emission standards for vehicles are also planned beginning with model year 2023. A package of measures is intended to make the U.S. the market leader in the field of electromobility; this includes both the construction of the vehicles and the production of the necessary batteries. Investments are also to be made in the charging infrastructure. The “Big Three”, the three largest car manufacturers in the USA Ford, General Motors and Chrysler (Stellantis) have signaled in a joint statement that they will work together with the US government to achieve the ambitious goals. Currently, China produces the most e-cars. The country can draw on its large deposits of rare earths and technology metals for production. Neodymium, among others, is important for manufacturing.

Photo: iStock/Bet_Noir

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