Critical Raw Materials: German Foreign Minister Advocates Direct Trade With Australia

by | 6. May 2024 - 09:15 | Politics

Resources such as lithium are currently shipped to China for processing before arriving in Germany.

During her state visit to Australia, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock spoke out in favor of direct trade in critical raw materials such as lithium. The battery metal would currently be shipped from Australia to China for further processing and then imported from there to Germany, she said in an interview with ABC News. Germany’s own capacities for refining lithium are currently under construction.

Planned lithium processing projects in the EU. Source: Whitepaper Critical Raw Materials Act

The Minister also explained the German guidelines for dealing with China’s growing influence, not only in critical resources. The aim is not to decouple from the People’s Republic, but a similar dependence as on Russian gas in the past must be prevented. The diversification of supply chains would also be conducive to strengthening relations between democracies and free markets, Baerbock continued.

Closer cooperation with resource-rich Australia is also emerging at the EU level. In April, it was reported that a strategic partnership for critical minerals could soon be signed.

Photo: jroballo

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